Shaping happy, productive student minds since 2010!

It’s all about thriving…

It’s always difficult to entrust your child to anyone away from home. That’s why we offer a comfortable, safe and inspiring setting that surrounds your child with the right sort of stimulation and encouragement. We want to see children thrive and grow and they need the right space to do so. Come see us.

No TV babysitting.

You’ve probably seen or heard of (or perhaps feared) those sorts of day care centers that think plopping kids in front of a television means they’re taken care of. Not at BuzzyBee. There’s no television watching—ever. We have so many activities, and learning opportunities, you’ll be surprised to find your child won’t even miss TV!

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Promoting the skills for complete and happy development!

At BuzzyBee, our certified teachers understand that providing a solid foundation for every child gives them the best opportunity for future success. That doesn’t mean only an academic foundation, though we’re serious about that, but also providing a physical, emotional, social and creative growth foundation. They’ll develop friendships, discover new areas of interest and curiosity and feel the satisfaction of mastering skills. Our small setting means more one-on-one attention and guidance.